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Tier Cake Stand - Ideas For Your Wedding Cake

Tier Cake Stand - Ideas For Your Wedding Cake

A Tier Cake Stand is used to support the various levels of a cake. It is traditionally used for weddings, but some people also make festive tier cakes for birthdays and other themed parties as well. There's various numbers of tiers on cake stands, usually five or two. You can have more tiers for a fancy cake, but traditionally, the smaller cakes are more common. You can select from lots of varieties and sizes, like the 2 tier stand or the 3 tier stand. You can use these sizes to complement your wedding cake, be it contemporary or traditionally elegant.

A wedding cake stand is often elegant and pretty. There's designs that incorporate iron and ceramic, or other finishes, to generate a distinctive cake. These are available with a variety of tier numbers and sizes, so that each cake can be a custom work of art. A tier stand for a wedding cake will permit the baker more shapes and sizes to style the cake in.

Cake tier stand sizes run from about five inches across to twenty-five inches in diameter, although specialized cake stands can be made to accommodate any size cakes, including cupcakes. There's different finishes for cake stands, like porcelain and glass, to name a couple. They can be "stacked" at lots of different heights, to permit for the different sizes of cakes placed on them.

Two elegant wedding cake tier stand is made with glasses and metal. The stand shows off a look of sculptured metal and frosted glass. This type of cake stand may look simple, but it is, in actuality, elegant looking. This type of stand is not pricey to purchase, so you can have a memorable wedding cake on a budget.

The silk wedding cake stand uses a five tier buffet server accented with glass plates. This is another stand that is simple and inexpensive, but nice-looking, with finials decorating the top. You can include extras on any wedding cake you have designed. You are only limited by the funds you have to spend and the quality cake bakers you can find in your area.

A glass cake stand will be an elegant addition to your collection of fine tableware, long after your wedding is a happy memory. There's different types of glass tiered cake stands, and you are not even limited to round styles - you can find tiers of other shapes, as well. They can also range from simple clear glass to ruby red coloring, with lots of additional options for patterns and colors.

A wedding bead cake stand is a classic stand used along with a jewelry or artwork design. This styling of wedding cake stand lets you incorporate cake designs from contemporary to traditional. This type of cake stand can also be used for lots of different styles and sizes of cakes. The number of tiers will affect the cost. The more tiers you include, the higher the price will be. A Tier Cake Stand can make an elegant statement at your wedding reception, with its detail and styling.

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